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Are you a developer in search of a dependable and trustworthy real estate partner to help you secure sole selling contracts for your projects? Look no further than Addressa Properties, your pathway to success in the dynamic realm of real estate. Under the leadership of Chandan Nathpotani, a seasoned professional with a decade of rich experience in the real estate market, our commitment is to unite developers and buyers, fostering the creation of vibrant communities and profitable ventures. Choose Addressa Properties as your strategic ally for a seamless and prosperous real estate journey.


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“At Addressa Properties, our mission is to be the premier real estate partner, specializing in securing exclusive sole selling contracts for our clients’ projects. We are dedicated to leveraging our expertise, proactive sales team, and robust marketing strategies to ensure a consistent flow of qualified leads and interested buyers. Our focus is on achieving optimal occupancy and sales velocity, providing our clients with a distinct competitive advantage in the ever-evolving real estate market.”


“Our vision at Addressa Properties is to redefine the real estate landscape through excellence in partnership. We aim to be the go-to source for developers seeking not only exclusive selling contracts but also comprehensive market insights. Through market analysis and research, we aspire to empower our clients with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions, aligning their projects with market demands. By fostering thriving communities and maximizing profitability, we envision a future where Addressa Properties is synonymous with success and innovation in the real estate industry.”